Québec Startups

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La capitale abrite de plus en plus d'entreprises en technologies et c'est tant mieux!

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ID 457071

Dominic Goulet

CEO of Momenteo • Worked at IBM & Fujitsu • Full Stack Web Developer

ID 454234

Martin Angers

Software architect and full stack developer, 18 years of professional experience. Open source enthusiast. Experienced remote worker.

ID 350268

Iannick Brouillette

Software Developer, Java, Full Stack, Cloud

ID 666040

Mathieu Simard

Canadian engineer with a passion for clean code, Full stack generalist, Worked for Apple/Google, efficient, motivated and restless

ID 244197

Gabriel Boucher

Cofounder of Amiral Agence Web, ULaval CS, full stack engineer, solution oriented, no bullshit. Javascript master / PHP expert / Rails practitioner

ID 885343

Anish Chavan

Full stack web developer,Andriod Developer 

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