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La capitale abrite de plus en plus d'entreprises en technologies et c'est tant mieux!

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ID 274163

Marc-Olivier Fiset

I am a very fast learner and I love trying out new technologies. I have a strong understanding of OOP concepts.

ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. http://ekoom.com I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 193677

JM Lacroix

Co-founder and Backend lead at Gofellow. Strong generalist programmer passionate about products, UX & simplicity. Worked at Ubisoft, Mirego, Canoe and Copernic.

ID 91043

André-F. Landry

Web developper (PHP/MySQL & Frontend). Founder at Osmose Interactive (www.osmoseinteractif.com).

ID 885343

Anish Chavan

Full stack web developer,Andriod Developer 

ID 815343

David Gariepy

Founded an industrial robotic and automation company. I also have good knowledge in energy recuperation and home automation.

ID 443242

Marc-Olivier Alain

B.Eng Software Engineer student at Laval University. I was intern at Myca and Wanted Tech. Currently working on side projects during my studies.

ID 454234

Martin Angers

Software architect and full stack developer, 18 years of professional experience. Open source enthusiast. Experienced remote worker.

ID 350268

Iannick Brouillette

Software Developer, Java, Full Stack, Cloud

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 338439

Marc A. Champlain

PHP Web developer (Zend Framework 1, Symfony 2), Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

ID 105947

Jean-Michel Lebeau

CEO & Founder of Cortex

ID 666040

Mathieu Simard

Canadian engineer with a passion for clean code, Full stack generalist, Worked for Apple/Google, efficient, motivated and restless

ID 115584

Tommy Rochette

Creative Technologist at @bkom, working on eccentric ideas for Fortune 500 company like, Disney, Bombardier, Hasbro and Nickelodeon. Design lover, mobile addict.

ID 557751

Jacques-Olivier Desjardins Bernier

I'm an eager learner and problem solver. I love to surpass myself and I do well under pressure.

ID 457071

Dominic Goulet

CEO of Momenteo • Worked at IBM & Fujitsu • Full Stack Web Developer

ID 631579

Francois-Xavier Poulin Darveau

ID 518723

Clément Demily

EPITECH Student, web developer.

ID 322243

Alex Khilko

Experienced technology director with extensive hands on experience in the cloud, mobile and entertainment industries.

ID 244197

Gabriel Boucher

Cofounder of Amiral Agence Web, ULaval CS, full stack engineer, solution oriented, no bullshit. Javascript master / PHP expert / Rails practitioner

ID 186395

Moryl Prudencio

Photography - Engineering - Jazz

ID 860519

Yoanis Gil Delgado

Senior software developer, very responsible, hard worker, always pay attention to detail

ID 115854

François Marceau

Mobile developer passionate about tech, startups and innovation

ID 442936

Nancy Gauvin

ID 414679

Hassan El Makssoud

Founder hazeware • Studied at @university-of-laval

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

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