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La capitale abrite de plus en plus d'entreprises en technologies et c'est tant mieux!

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ID 812490

Mike Kakogiannakis

Founder Dubuc Motors SLC, car designs and logistics. Background in leading commercial marketing services.

ID 189578

Allan Schachter

A resident of Quebec, Canada, Allan Schachter demonstrates a strong commitment to his local community through the support of several charities.

ID 104117

Samuel Chenard

UX Designer @yourextralife . Bored accountant turned designer. Business background at PwC. Singapore Management University, Université Laval grad student. Started my first business when I was 16.

ID 145191

Samuel Dion-Girardeau

Creative, game designer, copywriter and founder @yourextralife

ID 193677

JM Lacroix

Co-founder and Backend lead at Gofellow. Strong generalist programmer passionate about products, UX & simplicity. Worked at Ubisoft, Mirego, Canoe and Copernic.

ID 149246

Guillaume Demers


Founder of 4 successful companies, I explore fundraising and many of the other functions of managing a venture capital partnership.

ID 65121

Jonathan Bolduc


Co-owners of a financial service firm. Co-owners of a family business operating restaurants and real estate.

ID 559951

Augusto Sotelo

ID 58531

Antoine Meunier

Team USA Athlete & co-founder of Medalist

ID 280724

Arthur Miriello

Founder Miradev

ID 91043

André-F. Landry

Web developper (PHP/MySQL & Frontend). Founder at Osmose Interactive (www.osmoseinteractif.com).

ID 181861

Michael Ghattas

Started Smart Wall App during University at McGill University. Currently a Software Eng at Wiseleap Solutions. 

ID 105947

Jean-Michel Lebeau

CEO & Founder of Cortex

ID 351102

Elliott Verreault

Founder of Stat.io.

ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. http://ekoom.com I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 822336

Mario Dubuc

CEO Dubuc Motors SLC, extensive knowledge of industrial design and car engineering.

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