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La capitale abrite de plus en plus d'entreprises en technologies et c'est tant mieux!

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ID 458587

Sebastien Perreault


CEO and Founder @ekoom. Senior Developer. Serial entrepreneur. Strong business background. http://ekoom.com I've been building startups for 18 years

ID 538645

Mathieu Bilodeau

Three mechanical engineering interships, worked actively on two serious student project (wind powered vehicle and omnidirectionnal wheeled robot).

ID 42920

Niall Brown

Co-Founder of @empire-avenue Inc. VP of Product Development handling day-to-day feature development and managing development team and deliverables.

ID 442936

Nancy Gauvin

ID 162405

Felix Theoret

Founder @starthubz • MBA student, Bachelor of economics

ID 739126

Nathan Carroll

7 years of globally focused, extensive, successful, wide-ranging experience in the practical development of, and leadership in, complex IT systems management

ID 58531

Antoine Meunier

Team USA Athlete & co-founder of Medalist

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