Québec Startups

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La capitale abrite de plus en plus d'entreprises en technologies et c'est tant mieux!

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ID 442936

Nancy Gauvin

ID 620129

Andre Mavrovic

Result-oriented with over 25 years of experience in the following: Business Management, Sales network strategies, International Trade and commercial agreements.

ID 603604

Aurelie Roger

French MA and MSc Graduate, currently working for a marketing and innovation consultancy. Looking for a position in a start-up and exciting company.

ID 58531

Antoine Meunier

Team USA Athlete & co-founder of Medalist

ID 522230

David Dufresne

ID 444669

Yves Ouellet

Founder Cuves Thermales inc.

ID 739126

Nathan Carroll

7 years of globally focused, extensive, successful, wide-ranging experience in the practical development of, and leadership in, complex IT systems management

ID 104117

Samuel Chenard

UX Designer @yourextralife . Bored accountant turned designer. Business background at PwC. Singapore Management University, Université Laval grad student. Started my first business when I was 16.

ID 831045

Michael Claassen

Marketing and Customer Success

ID 260636

Irene Gladis

Satisfying the companionship needs of Executives and other wealthy men and women for more than 12 years. New Incall Locations for independent ladies in Toronto.

ID 596416

Paul Pivet

MBA - 3 mouths Business developer and strategic thinker @samboat

ID 559951

Augusto Sotelo

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